I am an Argentinean citizen living in Argentina. Private Tour Guide in Buenos Aires city and sorrounding areas since 2005, and Tour Leader (Tour Conductor) in Argentina and near countries. Travel Counselor for foreign travel agencies looking to expand and develop their businesses in Argentina maintaining their company philosophy. Not merely a Tour Guide but also an onsite Travel Project Manager overseeing their travel projects all the way through for a successful and seamless experience.
I speak fluent English, Swedish, Italian. Previous experience as a tour leader in Tuscany, Italy, 2010. Worked both as a Tour Guide and Tour Leader for agencies such as VIA Tours Norway, Jambo Tours Sweden, Thabela Travel Sweden, Flygmäklare Sweden, Siver Viaggi, Italy, Latin Reiser AS Norway, Fotefar Temareiser AS Norway, and many more, visiting Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. I consider myself being very enthusiastic, curious. I speak very good Italian and Swedish, very good command of English (American or Irish intonation), elementary French. Spanish as first language. I have been interviewed by Swedish media (TV, newspaper, radio) and was involved in a documentary which was broadcasted October 2011 because I learned Swedish by self-teaching but could never afford a trip to Sweden until then. I have visited several places in Italy, France and Scandinavia, which represents an important contribution to my worldview.

I became interested in Theatre and Music when I was a kid. I have performed in Theatre pieces ever since Elementary School. I studied Theatre in Highschool and then Music and Sound Technology in College (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes), I play the piano and I studied singing (baritone register). I attended an Acting course at Lito Cruz Actor’s Studio. Attended a course on Performing in front of the camera. I am a sympathizer of Alba Emoting, scientifically based acting method, Paul Ekman’s Micro expressions theory and Robert Plutchik’s Emotions theory.

I was hired as a choir baritone for the Fidelio opera choir in 2007. I worked as vocal coach and choir conductor at Sweden Embassy in Buenos Aires from october-december 2010. Knowledgeable on History of Art, Cinema and Film Theory, Theatre, Music & Sound.

I am interested in the subject of Aviation. Flight simulator enthusiast. I love the gym. Previously I swim regularly for a couple of years. I’m learning to ride horses and would like to learn how to surf the waves but I’m afraid of the sea.
The subject of time has always captured me and I recently discovered the concept of time management in different methods such as “Getting Things Done” and mental maps and such. My experience is plans and goal setting are good things but priorities and life very likely might alter your plans.



  • 2016 – German Course.
  • 2011 – Acting Course. Lito Cruz Actors Studio.
  • 2006 – Advanced Swedish Course. Instituto Argentino-Sueco.
  • 2005 – Intermediate Swedish Course. Instituto Argentino-Sueco.
  • 2003 – Advanced English Course. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.
  • 2003 – Advanced Italian Course. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.
  • 2001 – Intermediate Italian Course. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.
  • 1997 – Music Composition & Sound Design. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. Besides purely musical subjects, Art & History were also inluded in the study program.
  • 1992 – Highschool. Commerce.

Website: www.argtour.com